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Chicken Korma Curry

This Chicken Korma Curry recipe is a mouth-watering blend of aromatic spices, creamy coconut milk, and tender chunks of chicken. The subtle sweetness of the coconut milk pairs perfectly with the spices, creating a rich and flavorful curry that will leave you wanting more. Served over a bed of fluffy basmati rice, this dish is the perfect addition to your weeknight dinner roster, and is sure to become a family favourite.

Chef Alet’s Asian Beef Stir-fry

This Asian Beef Stirfry recipe is packed with robust flavours and tender strips of beef, combined with stir-fried veggies and a savoury sauce, perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

Chef Alet’s Sweet & Sour Chicken

Indulge in this delicious Sweet & Sour Chicken recipe by our in-store chef Alet. With fresh ingredients and simple techniques, this dish is sure to impress your taste buds.

Chef alet’s easy gnocchi recipe

Chef Alet, the Food Lover's Eatery product developer, shares the delicious, morerish gnocchi recipe! Grab the ingredients to make this simple recipe, or even simpler - grab a bowl of this pesto gnocchi for a Food Lover's Eatery store, made fresh daily for you!

Travel with your taste buds with these eats from around the world

Flights too expensive? Take your taste buds on a trip around the world at Food Lover’s Eatery. One of the best things about travelling is the opportunity to explore the various cultures and the food associated with them.

How to build the perfect poke bowl

Want to create a poke bowl that is both delicious and nutritious? Here are five ingredients to add to yours for a wholesome meal. You might not be able to afford that Hawaiian holiday right now. But you can sample one of the island’s most loved dishes that is making waves across the globe: the poke bowl.

Grab these snacks for your work desk to boost productivity

Struggle to stay focused throughout the work day? Keep these snacks on your desk to boost your productivity and your output. According to most of the studies that have been conducted, the average adult attention span is around a mere 20 minutes long. This is why

Pack the perfect picnic basket with these delicious deli selections

Looking for snacks to help you pack the perfect picnic basket? With Food Lover’s Eatery, consider it sorted! With spring in the air and the warm weather making its long-awaited reappearance, we all want to spend more time outdoors.

Need last-minute work-do snacks? Food Lover’s Eatery has got you sorted!

Instead of starting your day with a heavy dose of caffeine, try waking up the natural way with a green juice. Here’s why. For years, coffee has been the preferred morning beverage to help people feel alert. The problem with this is that while caffeine can wake you up, it can also make you crash!

Benefits of waking up with a green juice in the mornings

Want to make sure that your salad contributes to your nutritional health? Add these five ingredients for an immunity boost. Now, more than ever before, we are aware of the importance of our health. And the food that we eat plays a big role in our overall wellbeing. Hands up if you are guilty of ever having relied on two-minute noodles as a lunch break meal!