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Grab these snacks for your work desk to boost productivity

Struggle to stay focused throughout the work day? Keep these snacks on your desk to boost your productivity and your output.

According to most of the studies that have been conducted, the average adult attention span is around a mere 20 minutes long.

This is why there are various techniques people implement to help them maximise their productivity. These include taking regular breaks and blocking distracting apps. But another (much tastier) way to stay focused is to keep some snacks at your desk that will boost your brain’s superpowers. Here are five to grab next time you are at Food Lover’s Eatery.

#1: Nuts

Keeping some nuts at your desk is a convenient snack during work. They are rich in omega acids that support healthy brain function – something we *all* need between nine and five. What’s more, they can be stored for ages in your desk drawer!

#2: Berries

With so many to pick from you are spoiled for choice when it comes to berries. They are all high in antioxidants which help to protect your cells against free radical damage. They are also sweet and tasty and help to keep sugar cravings at bay.

#3: Coffee

When you find yourself feeling the midday slump, a cup of coffee is a reliable choice to get you feeling alert because of its high caffeine content. Seattle Coffee Co is a South African family-owned company that produces the perfect pick-me-up.

#4: Chia pot

Chia pots are so delicious you might just be tricked into thinking you’re eating dessert! They are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium that help our brains to function at an optimal level. Did we mention how great they taste? 

#5: Smoothie

Get all of the goodness in one drinkable snack by grabbing a smoothie. At Food Lover’s Eatery, you can choose your ingredients and other add-ins, such as yoghurt and supplements, to create a custom blend that tastes good and gives you energy.

Get *all* the snacks you need to stay focused during the work day by visiting your local Food Lover’s Eatery.