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Travel with your taste buds with these eats from around the world

Flights too expensive? Take your taste buds on a trip around the world at Food Lover’s Eatery.

One of the best things about travelling is the opportunity to explore the various cultures and the food associated with them. While exploring the world isn’t cheap, you can still take your tastebuds on a global culinary adventure at your local Food Lover’s Eatery.

The United Kingdom: Bub’s Fish and Chips

While they may not be served wrapped in newspaper, it’s the only way our fish and chips are different from the real deal. While you’re at it, add some fried calamari for a satisfying seafood meal.

Italy: Pizza Bar & Pasta Bar

Italian food is one of the world’s favourite cuisines, which is why Food Lover’s Eatery offers you more than one Mediterranean must-have. Check out our pizza pasta bar for an authentic taste of Italy.

Hawaii: Poke Bar

Take your tastebuds on an island getaway to the island of Hawaii with a poke bowl. These can be customised to include the flavours you love for a nutritious tropical treat.

Japan: Sushi Selections

Whether you have time to sit down at the belt or need something to go, you can get your Japanese staple – sushi – at Food Lover’s Eatery. Everything is made fresh daily by our on-site sushi chefs.

Mexico: Mexiesta

For a taste of Mexico that will take you on a journey during your lunch break, visit Mexiesta for burritos – which come wrapped or in a bowl – for a satisfying spicy snack. 

The USA: Burger Shack

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic American exports, burgers always hit the spot. With both chicken and beef available – as well as all the fixin’s – you can create the burger of your dreams.

France: Artisan Bakery

Looking for something sweet to end off your meal? Come and peruse the counters of our artisan bakery, which offers an array of baked goods that will cure any sugar craving.