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Benefits of waking up with a green juice in the mornings

Instead of starting your day with a heavy dose of caffeine, try waking up the natural way with a green juice. Here’s why.

For years, coffee has been the preferred morning beverage to help people feel alert. The problem with this is that while caffeine can wake you up, it can also make you crash! The energy and mental clarity it provides isn’t sustained unless you continue to drink it. Not to mention, like many things, caffeine is addictive and comes with withdrawals if you don’t get your regular fix. No thanks! Instead, many of the healthier among us have switched their coffee for a green juice instead.


Green juice – which is a mix of juiced fruit and vegetables – is dense in the vitamins and minerals necessary to boost our health. Not only that, but it can also give you the kickstart you need to start your day. Here’s why.


Reason #1: It keeps you hydrated

Coffee, while tasty, can also lead to dehydration and can strip your body of essential nutrients as it is a diuretic. In fact, for every coffee you drink you should be having one to two glasses of water to stay in balance. Since green juice contains vegetables that are made up of mostly water, it adds to your hydration reserves rather than depletes them.

Reason #2: It can curb mood swings

Ever noticed that you are in a foul mood if you don’t have at least one coffee in the morning? You’re not imagining it! Caffeine can be a culprit behind blood sugar imbalances. And this can lead to full-on mood swings. Green juice, however, can keep your blood sugar stable in a sustained way so that you remain calm and clear all day long.

Reason #3: It gives you a vitamin boost

The greens commonly used in green juice, such as kale, celery, cucumber and apple (for some sweetness) contain magnesium, B vitamins, iron, fibre and more. These are all beneficial for both your mind and body to function optimally. Choosing a green juice as your morning wake-up call gives you the boost you need to energise you for the day ahead.

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