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Satisfying your cravings the healthy way: Exploring nutritious options at Food Lover’s Eatery.

New Year, new you! If you are one of the many people worldwide who have decided to give Fortunately, there are *tons* of nutritious meal options available at your local Food Lover’s Eatery. Here are some of the eats on offer that won’t interfere with your diet.


You might think that the fact that sushi contains rice makes it an unhealthy choice. Not so! The rice is balanced with fresh fish and vegetables, giving you a balanced meal. There are also options that don’t contain rice (sashimi, anyone?) so you can get your fresh sushi fix.

Salad bar

Are you getting your five servings of fruit and veg a day? The best way to lead a healthier life is to include more vegetables in your diet. At the Salad Bar, there are loads of fresh options, as well as meats, cheeses and toppings so you can create your own custom bowl.

Poké bowl

This Hawaiian dish is like deconstructed sushi – with extras! It’s a mix of protein, usually fish or chicken, vegetables and fruit pieces, toppings and sauce on a bed of rice, all of which is customisable. Cutting down on carbs? Feel free to skip the rice altogether and ask for a leaf base instead.

Fruit salad

If you want to finish off your meal with something sweet, it can be tempting to reach for a chocolate or some sweets. Fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth while also giving you a boost of necessary vitamins, minerals and fibre. At Food Lover’s Eatery, you can build a fruit salad – with or without yoghurt!

Juice bar

Need something hydrating to wash everything down? Instead of grabbing a fizzy drink, take a wander over to our juice bar for juice squeezed fresh for you. You can have just one fruit or combine a selection of your favourites. Not sure what works? Check out our menu for recommended blends.

Looking for the healthiest way to satisfy your food craving? Click here  to find your nearest Food Lover’s Eatery and consider your nutritious lunch – sorted!

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