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The difference between Food Lover’s Eatery and Food Lover’s Market.

Food Lover’s Market and Food Lover’s Eatery are two different concepts owned by the same company. The main difference between them is the type of products and services they offer. The Eatery stores are a food emporium with those market-style foods every week day, whilst a Food Lover’s Market is a one-stop grocery store.

Food Lover’s Market is primarily a grocery store that sells a wide range of fresh produce, meat, seafood, deli, dairy and cheese emporium, bakery items, and packaged goods at competitive prices. They have various sections including fresh fruit and vegetables, an in-store butchery and a seafood department with a fishmonger.  An artisan-style bakery, with freshly baked bread, savouries and sweet treats. Some Food Lover’s Markets also have sushi and wine sections. Customers can shop for everything they need under one roof with incredible weekly deals. The Food Lover’s Market weekly deals are not available at the Eatery stores.

On the other hand, Food Lover’s Eatery is a quick-service cafeteria with a wide range of freshly prepared food, and a small range of convenient fruits, vegetables and pantry items. The Food Lover’s Eatery store is also located with a Seattle Coffee Company, and a designated seating area. The place where you buy potato salad rather than a pocket of potatoes, a burger and chips rather than burger patties, or fried fish and chips rather than a piece of raw hake…you get the drift?!

The freshly prepared food items available include a sandwich & panini Bar, pizza and pasta bar, buffet-style breakfast and hot foods, as well as salads and a make-your-own salad bar. The food junction also offers shwarmas, burritos, burgers, and fish & chips. Some stores offer a gourmet wrap bar. Check out what to eat and daily deals at Food Lover’s Eatery here.

Similarly to a Food Lover’s Market store, there is also a bakery offering freshly fried doughnuts, artisan bread, tarts, cake and the famous Food Lover’s focaccia.

The Food Lover’s Eatery buffet bar is often updated seasonally and they offer specials and combo deals that DIFFER from the Food Lover’s Market specials. Customers can order freshly prepared meals, grab and go or dish up from the buffet bars. Everything is made fresh daily.

You can sit and enjoy the city vibes at the designated Eatery tables, or take away to eat wherever you like.

In summary:

Food Lover’s Market is a grocery store that offers a wide range of fresh produce, meat, and groceries, while Food Lover’s Eatery is a quick-service food emporium that offers freshly prepared food items. The Food Lover’s Eatery stores do NOT offer the same weekly specials as Food Lover’s Market store, but they have their own daily deals. However, because they are owned by the same company, they may share some similarities such as branding.


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