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Chef Alet’s Top Tips For Perfecting Flapjacks

If you want to take your flapjacks to the next level and make them truly perfect, then you need to follow the tips of a true expert. In this blog post, we’re going to hear from chef Alet, who will share her top tips and tricks for perfecting flapjacks that are fluffy, delicious, and impressive. So get your mixing bowl and spatula ready – it’s time to learn how to make the best flapjacks ever!

1. Let your batter rest for 30 mins before cooking.

2. For perfectly shaped flapjacks, use metal rings.

3. Use Spray & Cook rather than butter or oil, these tend to burn easier.

4. Make a big batch and warm in a heated 160ºC oven the next day for 5-8 minutes

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