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Grab these fresh favourites at Food Lover’s Eatery

Instant noodles might be an easy packed lunch. But take a stroll down to Food Lover’s Eatery to chow down on something fresher.

Hands up if you are guilty of ever having relied on two-minute noodles as a lunch break meal! Most of us have, but there is little to no nutritional value – and plenty of preservatives – in many of the instant meals we eat. But, if you simply take a stroll down to your local Food Lover’s Eatery during your break, you’d be surprised to see how many fresh lunch options there are on offer. Here are five we recommend.

A pasta salad

Grab one to go from our pre-packaged selection or take a wander over to the bar to load up on some pasta salad. With sauces, ranging from creamy to pesto, there is something that will satisfy your carb craving.

A warm meal

One of the highlights at any Food Lover’s Eatery is the warm buffets, available at both breakfast and lunchtime. Wake up to some eggs and bacon or build the lunch box of your dreams to make your break a delicious one.

A fresh wrap

Yes, you could have a sandwich. Or you could take things up a notch and order a freshly-made wrap to have for lunch. There are several to choose from for meat- and plant-based diners and can be heated in-store for a melty, moreish meal.

A sushi box

Prepared freshly in-stores daily by our skilled Food Lover’s Eatery sushi chefs, our sushi can be eaten at the belt or bought in handy to-go boxes. These also come complete with all the fixings, including ginger and wasabi.

A muffin

At Food Lover’s Eatery, we prepared our baked goods fresh each day. And the same goes for our mouthwatering muffins. With flavours ranging from chocolate to lemon poppyseed, this is an easy sweet treat to eat on the go.

Get your last-minute work-do snacks by visiting your local Food Lover’s Eatery.