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Benefits of getting out the office lunch break

Find yourself eating in front of your desk? It’s time for a change! Here’s why you should venture out of the office to a Food Lover’s Eatery for your lunch break.

We are all guilty of skipping a lunch break or two and eating at our desks. This is usually in an effort to get more stuff done. But making this a habit can have consequences for our mental and physical wellbeing.

Instead, head out and get some fresh air by grabbing a bite at Food Lover’s Eatery. Here are four benefits of getting out of the office on your lunch break.

  1. It gets you moving

We spend, on average, eight hours a day sitting down glued to our desks. This is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, so getting in as much movement as you can is crucial. Get your daily step count up and a dose of vitamin D by walking to your nearest Food Lover’s Eatery for some fresh eats and a change of scenery.

  1. It gives your eyes a break

Looking at screens all day isn’t good for our eyes <reference:> and can cause strain. Spending too much time online isn’t good for our brains, either. Taking an out-of-office lunch break forces you away from your computer, giving your body a chance to focus on your natural surroundings. This can help to keep tension headaches at bay.

  1. It encourages engagement

Office environments aren’t always ideal for chit-chat (especially with Brenda from accounting scolding anyone who dares speak). Going to your local Food Lover’s Eatery for a sit-down meal with colleagues – yes, even the annoying ones! – can help you bond which can make your working experience a more positive one.

  1. It improves your productivity

It might seem impossible, but taking regular breaks at work can actually *improve* productivity! <reference:> It also leads to higher job satisfaction, reduced stress and improved mental health. This is because breaks help us to focus.

Don’t spend another work day desk-bound! Head to Food Lover’s Eatery <internal link:> for fresh air, fresh food and a fresh environment.