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Hunger Month at Food Lover's Eatery

Support Food Forward SA through World Hunger  Month: Donate meals for 47 cents.

For the past eight years, Food Lover’s Market, Food Lover’s Eatery and our dedicated partners have conducted extensive fundraising initiatives throughout May, leading up to World Hunger Day on May 28th. This year, we continue our commitment to combating hunger by supporting Food Forward SA, an organization dedicated to reducing food insecurity in South Africa by efficiently distributing quality food to those in need. With over 30 million food-insecure individuals in South Africa, addressing hunger remains a critical priority.

This year, Food Lover’s Market and Food Lover’s Eatery has collaborated with key partners, including our longstanding supporter Tru-Cape, to kickstart our campaign with generous financial contributions. Throughout May, shoppers have the opportunity to make a difference by voluntarily purchasing a meal for a fellow South African at any Food Lover’s Eatery checkout. Each meal costs just 47 cents. On World Hunger Day last year, May 28th, 2023, Food Lover’s Eatery matched every meal purchased by shoppers.

In 2024, we have already secured an incredible 2 million meals through our valued sponsorship partners. This achievement is our way of expressing gratitude to our loyal customers whose support makes these initiatives possible. If you wish to further support our cause, you can contribute by purchasing or donating meals to help fight hunger together. You can provide a meal to someone in need for only 47 cents.

Last year, Food Lover’s Hunger Month raised an impressive 2.5 million meals. This year, with the support of our suppliers and partners, we have already raised 2 million meals.

To contribute and donate a meal to someone in need:

– Visit any Food Lover’s Eatery or Food Lover’s Market store and purchase a meal at the checkout.

– Donate a meal online through our website [GivenGain Hunger Month].

Let’s come together to make a difference this May. Donate a meal today for only 47 cents and help us combat hunger in South Africa. Your contribution can change lives.

You can learn more about last year’s successes here: World Hunger Month 2023.

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