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Seattle Coffee Co is all about maintaining that beautiful craft element of coffee. It is delicately preserved and nurtured as it journeys through the steps from the world’s finest Arabica beans to your favourite cup.

Seattle Coffee Co baristas are trained to make your drinks just the way you like them – nipped, tucked, and crafted to suit your individual taste. Enjoy it just the way you like it!

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What’s better than freshly baked bread? We can’t think of anything either.

Our bakers start mixing, kneading, and baking at the break of dawn to create the most delectable baked goods. Above a wide variety of artisan breads and rolls, you can also get pies, muffins, tarts, cakes, cookies, and our famous focaccia slices.

Bubs’ Fish & Chips

We serve fish and chips that are fresh, hot and a lot!

Bubs’ Fish & Chips’ mouth-watering meals are a huge hit among our visitors. So, don’t miss out on the delicious fun. Come in and get your catch of crispy fried fish or calamari, served, of course, with a generous portion of chips.

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The best things in life are round and deep-fried. That’s why Food Lover’s Eatery should be your favourite destination for these sensational sweet treats.

Our doughnuts are freshly fried, dipped and sprinkled daily. This is what makes our doughnuts soft, fluffy, and delightfully perfect, providing you with a truly joyful experience.
Glazed, cinnamon-coated, or jam-packed, enjoy our gourmet selection during your next visit.

Food Junction

Let’s take it back to the classics. At our Food Junction, you can sink your teeth into classics from around the world. From flame-grilled chicken to classic cheeseburgers, or fully loaded burritos – the Food Junction is a place to be!

Enjoy a selection of hearty favourites – from lasagne, curries, and stews to stir-fry, bakes and healthy vegetables – at the Hot Food buffet. Guaranteed to taste like home, dish up and savour every bite.

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Fresh Society

Enjoy health and happiness made to order with smoothies, juices, or fresh fruit bowls.

With our wide selection of local fruits and vegetables, you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice. Experiment with your favourite fruit combinations for fresh moments made especially for you. Not in the mood to be creative? Simply choose a delicious smoothie or juice from our menu.


A Mexican fiesta, it’s Mexiesta! Bringing you street-food favourites! Get ready for a Mexican feast like no other.

Burrito or schawarma? You no longer have to pick. At Food Lover’s Eatery you can enjoy both. And if you are not in for the carbs, try out the burrito bowls.

We offer deliciousness wrapped and rolled with a selection of burritos, shawarmas, and warm bowls – all packed with flavour, of course. Whatever you choose, every bite will be warm, filling and totally satisfying. 

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Poke Bar & Sushi

Experience innovative fresh moments at our Poké Bar.

If you’re feeling inspired you can build your very own poké bowl, or for the person on the go you can just grab one that’s already made for you.

Either way, your poké bowl will be supremely healthy without even trying to be. Loaded with fresh fish, wholesome vegetables, and whole grains, get yours today.

The Grill Shack

There is no better choice for lunch, dinner or any moment in between. You simply must try the flame-grilled chicken, or a juicy burger, served with freshly fried chips.

Cooked to perfection, our chicken is tender, tasty and a trusted favourite among visitors. You’ll savour every bite that’s dripping with delicious and delight.

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Pizza Bar

Of course, we could not leave out the beloved Pizza favourites!

Pizza done right is simple, but wonderfully flavourful and delicious. Every bite will offer unrestrained gratification.

All of our pizzas are freshly prepared using only the finest ingredients. Come experience it for yourself! 

Pasta Bar

Nothing beats a dish of pasta for a satisfying meal.

When you order, you can select from an assortment of pasta, different sauce bases, spicy or not with a dash of chilli or garlic, and, of course, tossed with fresh veggies or protein of choice. Simply making your own pasta from our pasta bar will have you enjoying a different pasta every week for a month!

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The Salad Bar features a range of gourmet, innovative salads made fresh daily just for you.

Not only are these nutritious and wholesome, but they are packed with flavour. And for the pick-eaters, best you build your own salad, where you can pick exactly what you want! No matter your dietary preferences, you will find a salad for you.  

Sandwich Bar

Is there a better way to use freshly baked bread, than as a sarmie? We don’t think either.

The Sandwich Bar offers all your classic favourites to new and exciting gourmet delights. You can even find a selection of tasty wraps.

Enjoy your sarmie or wrap or as is, our have it toasted – the choice is all yours.

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