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10 Affordable Lunches from Food Lover’s Eatery

You’re rushing to the office, and you grab a granola bar and fruit on your way out, hoping that will be enough to get you through the day. 11 o’clock arrives your tummy starts to rumble…  Do you know what would make your workday more exciting? A quick and affordable lunch from Food Lover’s Eatery. What’s more, taking a brisk walk to stretch your legs, and to get some fresh air on your way will also brighten your lunch break and workweek.

Before you resort to the fast-food drive-through or worse, have food delivered right to your desk… scroll through this list of 10 quick and affordable lunches from Food Lover’s Eatery.

Here is our 10 quick and affordable lunches from Food Lover’s Eatery

Some of our traditional and proven favourites:

  1. Burgers, Prego rolls & chicken shawarmas
  2. Mexican-style burritos
  3. Paninis & focaccia – these are best for busy days when you don’t have time to wait for food to be prepared. These can be taken straight out of the fridge and you’re off.
  4. Tender grilled or fried chicken pieces – Definitely one of the most popular lunches. Choose your favourite piece and add chips or salad.

Before you resort to the fast-food drive-through or worse, have food delivered right to your desk… scroll through this list of 10 quick and affordable lunches from Food Lover’s Eatery.

Must Try:

  1. The Food Lover’s Eatery Pasta Bar

Not your aunty’s pasta with mayo and tomato sauce braai salad! Your pasta is made fresh when you order, you can choose from an assortment of pasta, different sauce bases, hot or not with a dash of chilli or garlic and of course, tossed together with fresh vegetables or protein of choice. Making your own pasta from our pasta bar alone will be sure to have you eating a different pasta each week for a month!

  1. Salads (with quinoa and whole grains)

Salads are also a good choice, especially in the summer months, and to avoid that afternoon slump. Packed with nutrients and fibre they are oh so good for you. But what you also need is some low-GI and high protein additions, to make sure you feel full and energised for the rest of the day. At your salad bar, you will find salads with quinoa, chickpeas, whole grains, cheese, chicken and seeds to power-pack your quick and affordable lunch. This is no side salad, not at all. Most salads are served on our salad counters and sold by weight, so you can choose just how much you want, for a great price.

7. Our artisanal bakery

Sometimes you have to add a little something sweet for yourselves, or at our prices, you can treat the whole team to some doughnuts, or even croissants! Our stores offer beautiful tarts, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, muffins – everything you could look for in a tiny store. If it’s savoury that you are after our pies, artisan breads and focaccias are baked daily.

After you’ve grabbed your lunch, why not pick up a fresh loaf of bread? Something different like rye, or sourdough to take home to pack an exciting lunch for your family or kids too. You can’t be having all the fun. Be sure to get something from our small groceries department to know your loved ones are also having a lunch worth sending a WhatsApp picture over the family group.

What about affordable, modern lunch ideas?

You work in the hard of South Africa’s biggest city CBDs, you’re bound to find superb ramen, sushi or poke bowl, but HAI – JANU-WORRY, am I right? There is no way you can keep up with the best cafes and bistros every day. Save that for a special occasion, or once a month, at Food Lover’s Eatery, you can have quick and affordable every day.

  1. Build your own Poke Bowl

Poke Bowls are here to stay, as they are filling, healthy and super tasty! At Food Lover’s Eatery, you get to choose your protein, including plant-based options, then your starch base (rice, noodles etc) Your favourite vegetables – to make sure you are eating the rainbow. Most of the poke bowl joy is from the colours.  Lastly, a delicious sauce to top it off, and don’t forget the soya or ginger. If you don’t want to make choices, just grab a ready-made poke bowl crafted just for you.

Sushi is also a winner, whether it’s from the conveyer belt or a nifty take-away enjoyed at the open tables outside our Eatery stores.

  1. Pizza Slice

Sometimes a slice of pizza is all you need. It’s perfect, long perfected and never needed improvement. Base, tomato, cheese and origanum. Then, again as part of our commitment that you will never eat the same meal twice for A WHOLE YEAR, we’ve got many toppings to choose from.

  1. Fish and Chips

Our seafood counter is where we fry battered and grilled fish or calamari. Served with hot chips and a sauce of your choice. A full piece of fish and chips might be enough for 2 days. If it’s a piece of fish you’re after, with some lekker slap chips, then we’ve got you covered!

Don’t forget to add freshly squeezed juice, kombucha or Coco Aqua coconut water to your day to stay refreshed and hydrated!

No more mid-day hunger! For your convenience, Food Lover’s Eatery meals are made fresh daily, to give you the highest (and most affordable) quality. Of course, no Food Lover’s Eatery is complete without a Seattle Coffee Company Lounge with free WiFi– while you’re there, grab a cup of your favourite, just as you like it.

Grab a happy, healthy, affordable lunch from a Food Lover’s Eatery near you. Food Lover’s Eatery is the place to spend your lunch break in the CBD areas of Cape Town, Joburg and Sandton. The child of Food Lover’s Market, a hot-food emporium with a distinct New York deli feel.

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